Gardening is a healthy, productive and fun activity that can help children learn valuable life skills, boost their energy and make them happy. Benefits of gardening with kids are numerous.

Growing plants is a wonderful thing and should be part of every child’s upbringing.

When parents inspire their little ones to create a garden of their own, there’s a special magic to it. As a child waters and nurtures a plant and watches it grow, he learns to be responsible.

Growing a vegetable garden with your kids can also help fussy eaters to have a balanced and healthy diet.

Let’s discuss 10 benefits of gardening with kids:

1) Makes responsible: Gardening makes kids responsible and accountable for their action. When children tend small plants, water them everyday and watch them grow, they start to believe that it is their responsibility and they are accountable for their action.

2) Helps to be patient: Watching a tiny seed as it grows into a plant makes kids patient. It takes days, even months for a seed to grow into a plant and a plant to bear flowers and fruits. As little ones watch the plant grow, they realise every thing takes its own sweet time to develop. They learn to wait rather than expecting immediate gratification.

3) Develops empathy: As kids care for plants and tender them, they realise that plants are living creatures that needs love. It helps them to develop an empathetic attitude towards all living beings.

4) Develops creativity: Choosing plants, planting them and discovering new exciting ways to help them grow stimulate the imagination of children and develops their creativity. Sometimes some plants don’t grow as expected and children need to think of an out-of-box solution. This helps to develop creativity in a child.

5) Hard work: Digging and tilling soil, planting seeds, applying fertilisers and watering the plants every day is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot of hard work. Needless to say, children who involve themselves in gardening learn to do hard work.

6) Boosts self-confidence: After days and months when they see the fruit of their hard work, it boosts their self-esteem and gives them self-confidence. They realise that they are capable of doing something in life and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

7) Helps to heal: Earth, soil and mud have great therapeutic value and they help kids to heal in various ways.

8) Makes kids mindful: Plants are very delicate creatures. Children have to be on their toes so that no harm befalls them. That makes them mindful.

9) Encourages healthy eating: Every child will like to eat what they have grown. So, try growing vegetables such as carrots, peas, tomatoes and broccoli with your children. They will love to taste what they have grown and thus gardening will develop a healthy eating habit in kids.

10) Makes kids conscious about environment: Gardening gives an opportunity for parents to make your kids conscious about environment. It teaches the little ones to appreciate nature. Parents can talk to children about pollution, pesticides, recycling and make them aware of the environment while gardening.

These are 10 benefits of gardening with kids.


Don’t worry if you don’t have sufficient outdoor space at your home. Gardening doesn’t require large space. Few small containers, soil and a sunny spot at any corner of your home are sufficient to grow plants with your kids.

Some plants don’t even require soil and can grow only in water like money plants. Use discarded glass bottles to grow money plants and keep them at any corner of your home.

You can create a garden at your terrace, balcony or even start a small window garden with your kids.

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