It’s a great moment of happiness for the parents when the little bundle of joy lands in one’s arms with mommy’s cuteness and daddy’s charm. Creating a happy place for the tiny one is a dream for most parents-to-be.

Here are 10 ideas to decorate your baby’s nursery that are right for both boys and girls:

  1. The crib: The crib is the showpiece of your baby’s nursery. It’s the most important piece of furniture in the nursery and so one should maintain all safety standards while buying a crib.

    Crib is a place where you will keep your child all alone while the tiny one is sleeping. In some cases a child uses his/her crib even when he is two or three years old. So, one should not compromise with the quality of the crib.

To decorate the crib, choose the baby bedding on it according to your personal taste while keeping in mind that the material is soft for the baby’s skin. You can show off your style with your own choice of colours and designs of the bedding.

  1. Clutter-free storage space: Avoid clutter and create a storage space where you can tuck away baby’s diapers, wipes, powder, lotions, crib sheets, toys and other stuff. Make drawers and nursery closets in the changing table to store these items. All you need should be within the easy reach of the changing table.

  1. Paint: It’s best to use gender-neutral colours to paint the baby’s room. Gone are the days when pink was the standard colour for girls and blue for boys. Use vibrant colours like red or orange if that goes with your taste or you can even use calmer colours like grass green or sunlight yellow.

  1. Wall decoration: To create a delightful nursery it’s best to decorate the walls with wall decals or wall stickers since they are easy to change and it comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. It’s also pocket friendly.

  1. Bold and bright colours: Use of bold colours help to brighten up your baby’s mood. Bold is the new beautiful and a dash of red, yellow and orange here and there can stimulate the little one’s mood. Pillow covers, bed sheets, towels can be of vibrant colours.

  1. Photo wall: Make one wall of the nursery as the photo wall where you can chronicle your baby’s life as the tiny one is growing up. Capture every moment you want and hang the pictures on the wall.

  1. Theme: Choose a theme of your choice and make it the focal point of the nursery. It can be anything of your choice from a mountain view to a trip to the sea or a jungle adventure.

  1. Stars and planets: One can decorate the nursery with fibre-optic lights on the ceiling or a planet of solar system over the baby’s crib. A baby is going to spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling in the first few years of their lives. Let the nursery design revolve around stars and planets. The greys, blues, whites of the space will help to keep the nursery neutral and grounded.

  1. Chalkboard paint: Create a chalkboard wall to allow free flow of creativity of your child when he/she starts holding a crayon.

  1. Rocking chair: Invest in a rocking chair in the nursery room where you can sit and rock your baby to sleep, feed him, cuddle him, tell stories to him and play with him.

These are 10 ideas to decorate your baby’s nursery that your child can call home.

Always remember there are no rules to decorate your baby’s nursery. All you need to do is trust your instinct and create a space that will make you happy. Just trust on your imagination, as Albert Einstein has said: “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

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