Health is wealth. For good health, it is mandatory to boost a robust immunity system in kids. Every parent strives to make its child strong. While parents have fairly good knowledge of immunity-boosting food, there are other ways in which, along with diet, kids could be made resistant to germs.

Let us look at 10 ways to build immunity in children: 

  1. Rest/sleep: children must have uninterrupted sleep for 8-11 hours. This is equally important as having nutritious food. It helps in improving memory, attention, learning, motor skills, and overall physical and mental health.
  2. Liquid intake: Children need to be kept hydrated enough. They are not so tolerant of heat like adults, hence making them have enough liquid in mandatory. There has to be a daily intake of 2-3 liters of water without fail.
  3. Maintaining hygiene: washing/ sanitizing hands frequently, before meals, and when back from outside is compulsory. A clean environment, clean clothes, toys, and everything the children are exposed to, ensure good health. Educate kids on hygiene and ensure they follow the rules.
  4. Exercise: Exercise has great immunity building capacity. Cycling, swimming, running, exercises, yoga, or any kind of outdoor sports boost blood circulation and increase the oxygen flow in blood and brain. It fills kids up with energy and gives them an immense germ-fighting capability.
  5. Exposure to sunlight: Children must have exposure to sunlight early in the day. This is a good way to ensure the penetration of vitamin D into the system. Vitamin D controls the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients help to strengthen and building of bones, teeth, and muscles.
  6. Vaccination: Vaccinating children as per instructions by the pediatricians is a must. Keep a chart with the details and keep watch on the designated time for vaccination as per the chart. Try not to miss these dates. This is crucial.
  7. Pediatricians’ advice: Be cautious of what medication to give to the child. Do not experiment or administer anything as per your idea. Always check with the pediatrician. Try and keep some basic medicines at home, as per consultation with the doctor. However, follow the prescriptions and dosage to the tee. At the same time, be careful of what you apply on the skin as well. Kids’ skin is extremely sensitive. Hence, be it an ointment, cream or oil, do check with the pediatrician before using it.
  8. Probiotics and fiber: Along with green vegetables, fruits, protein-food, milk, and a stipulated amount of fat and carbohydrates, feed children home-made or fresh yogurt regularly. Yogurt has probiotics that balance the friendly bacteria in the digestive system, treat stomach issues, keep the heart healthy, reduce the effect of allergies, and help in improving digestion. A healthy gut is a must for overall health. Provide enough dietary fiber to kids to maintain bowel health in kids.
  9. Avoiding spicy, oily and junk food, sugar, and eating out: Excessive spicy and oily food disrupts digestion and leads to complications in the future. Sugar causes obesity and a lack of concentration. Eating outside food on a regular basis increases the chances of being sick.
  10. Happiness: Laughter is the best medicine. A happy, smiling child is always healthier than one who is under stress and tension. Make them laugh, play, and enjoy childhood to the fullest. A happy childhood builds a strong immune system that goes a long way. Maintain an amicable, easy, and comfortable environment at home and wherever the child spends time, as much as possible.

These factors are as essential as eating healthy food to build immunity in children. Focus on providing nutritious food to the little ones, as you are already doing. However, do take the above-mentioned points equally seriously to build immunity. There is no greater happiness than to see your child happy and healthy. With a little care, this can be achieved with certainty.

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