Parents want kids to do well in life. Examinations are the stepping stones to realizing that dream. Parents would do anything to make their children achieve great success in exams. However, sometimes, in pursuit of that goal, they create a stressful situation for themselves and the kids unknowingly.

Parents know their kids best, yet at times they could still be at a loss as to how to handle them during this time. During kid’s exams, they could be too tensed, or too relaxed, nervous, or extra confident. They could be behaving weirdly out of anxiety. They could be having nausea, headache or stomach issues due to the stress.

It is good to know exactly how to deal with these tricky circumstances.

Here are 12 best things to do during kid’s exams that might be of help:

  1. Most kids get stressed from inside when parents talk about exams during this time. It is best to avoid talking too much about the event. Try and talk about things that interest them instead. Have small, casual chats from time to time. Crack jokes and make them laugh. However, the focus on studies must not be lost in doing this.
  2. If children study throughout the year, they would not feel pressure during exams. They must be encouraged to study every day for some time than try and learn everything at a time during exams. Regular practice makes one skilled and be better with every passing day. Hence, let the kids not study for hours during exams. It exhausts them and does not help in the long run
  3. Try and spend quality time with your kids. They need you the most at this time. Spend some time together, away from all distractions. You could put on music and relax. You could read out something good to them. You could also give them a light massage on their heads or back.
  4. Parents must ensure that kids get enough rest and sleep. It is perhaps one of the most important things to do during kid’s exams. A well-rested mind would grasp and retain information better than repeated study. It is the best way to de-stress as well. A good eight hours of sleep is a must for a sound health.
  5. Parents must watch the diet of the examinees. Spicy food should be avoided and there must be an intake of plenty of fluids. Serve easy to digest food, fruit juices, and soups. Give the kids something tasty but nutritious to munch on when they study. Bread, cheese, nuts, fruits could be good munches during exams. Avoid too hot or too cold beverages. Make them consume as less caffeine as possible as it hampers sleep.
  6. Kids should be kept away from digital devices as much as possible in this phase. It reduces stress on the eyes and nerves. Less screen time would bring in more focus. 
  7. Provide a suitable environment for the examinees to study. A well-arranged and tidy study table in a peaceful corner, away from distractions would help them concentrate better. You may put focus lights, some plants, and fragrances around the place. Keep drinking water within access. The study corner should ideally receive plenty of natural air. 
  8. Some parents tend to believe kids should skip working out during exams as it might tire them. On the contrary, children must be engaged in physical exercises during exams. It ensures proper blood circulation and oxygen flow in the brain. This enhances the energy level, makes the brain more active, and ensures better sleep. 
  9. Parents must strive to maintain a calm and amicable atmosphere at home. Temper tantrums, shouting and too much excitement would be harmful to both parents and kids. Try and avoid conflicts. Be strict but calm. Breathing exercises might help soothe nerves. The examination is not the time to sort out issues. That can be done at some other time. This is the time for all sorts of positivity and encouragement. Smile at the kids. It is the best reassurance they can have. 
  10. Parents are the kid’s first idols.They set examples that kids internalize as they grow up. During exams, when kids are expected to focus on lessons and be away from electronic gadgets, parents should also sacrifice these to some extent so that the kids are not distracted and do not feel alienated. 
  11. The thumb rule is, always say encouraging words to your kids during exams. Kids look up to the parents. If parents have faith in them, they would have faith in themselves. Confidence breaks a lot of obstacles. Keep telling them they can, and they will. Nothing is impossible to achieve if one tries hard. Tell them all will be good.
  12. Parents must make the children feel they are with them in it. They would be there anytime they need help. Check on them when they are engrossed with books. Work as a team. 

A realistic examination goal would save both parents and kids from stress. Impractical expectations might have adverse effects. In any case, educational qualifications are only a part of life. There is so much to life than degrees and certificates. More than marks, kids must study to learn, to know about this great, grand world and universe. Try the above tips on things to do during kid’s exams. Take exams on your stride and make learning a happy experience.

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