We all are craving for freedom after being locked up in our homes for nearly four months.  But this lock down has given a golden opportunity for many fathers to see parenthood in a new light.

Surprisingly, most men were found enjoying fatherhood during lock down.

Work used to keep dads away from homes. Now, it’s the same work that has brought them together with their kids under the same roof possibly for the longest time.

Work from home has become the new normal! 

The lock down has given a chance to many bread-winning fathers to spend time at home and develop a stronger bond with their children. 

Fatherhood during lock down has changed the man to a responsible parent.

Mothers are usually considered to be the primary care givers for their children. It’s usually the mothers who are efficiently trained to deal with their newborns. New mothers have to be constantly on their toes to meet the needs of their babies. From feeding to changing diapers to staying awake whole night, it’s mostly the mothers. Dads are out at work.

Now, locked in the house together for the longest period, fathers can learn what co-parenting is all about. Both mothers and dad can now take turns to keep a watch on the baby. 

Kids grow up very fast. For fathers who have toddlers or newborns at home, the lock down has given an opportunity to them to watch their kids take their first step or learn new words.

What can be more joyous for a father than to witness the baby sit, crawl and roll before helping him take the first step? Most often than not dads miss this!

So, for most stay-at-home fathers the lock down has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It’s an ideal time for dads to watch their children grow up with all their whims and fancies.

With no nannies or caregivers during the lock down, parents get to stay and spend 24/7 with their children. Both mothers and fathers can practice alternate schedules and split their parental responsibility.

For fathers who have school kids, the lock down has made them realise that little things matter more than ever.

From eating together, to watching TV together, from studying to playing online games or helping the kids to pursue a hobby, it’s during the lock down when fathers realised that happiness lies in the unity of the family.

The harmless jokes and banter and hour-long chats with kids helped dads to delve deeper into the father-child bonding. Such activities helped dads to realise what it meant to be emotionally available for their kids.

The lock down has taught working dads how to juggle between family life and professional life. It has made fathers more connected to the family as a unit.

The period of extended togetherness has made both the father and children to come close to each other. It has made the man of the family see fatherhood from a different perspective.

However, while the lock down can help a man become a responsible father, sometime being cooped up in the house for so many months can be frustrating as well.

The pace of our lives has changed because of Covid-19. The pandemic has increased our stress level as we are staring towards an uncertain future.

Fathers are worried more about the family’s safety and financial security. It’s natural if at times we see them losing their temper.

But while frustration is normal, we should remember that many people have lost their near and dear ones in the corona virus pandemic. The whole world is going through an extraordinary crisis.

One should feel grateful to be alive, to have a family and a fixed source of income.

It’s during extraordinary times we realise that it’s a boon to be with family!

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