A man – an individual – and being a social animal – needs to interact with each other. Interaction needs identification. It is his name – which provides him identification.

A name is given quite early in life and it wears a tag for the rest of his/her life.

The name is selected on the basis of their suitability to modern life in terms of length, pronunciation and meaning.

The modern tendency in naming a child follows relatively simple conventions. Parents now prefer that child’s name should be simple, short, sweet and possibly uncommon. So that a child stands out in a group.

There are several ways to name a baby :

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  1. It can be a combination of parental name.
  2. It can be named after a God, Goddess or deity.
  3. It can be from epic or religious sources.
  4. It can be based on alphabetical preference and sometimes on astrological calculations.
  5. It can be given on the basis of phonetic rhythm.
  6. It can be symbol of dynasty, lineage or caste.

And so on….

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