There is nothing in the world that can be compared to the feeling that you have when you hold the bundle of joy in your hand for the first time. With that inexplicable joy, comes the most crucial responsibility of your life. For mothers who have already been through the experience, it is much easy. However, for the first time mothers, it might be slightly chaotic in the beginning.

Here are some tips for first time mothers, who might not be confident enough in their new roles.

These 10 tips for first time mothers could help them realise what really matters during this phase of life and what can be kept aside for the time being.

10 essential to-dos:

  1. Bonding-Though it is the best thing that has ever happened to you, you and your baby might take time to get used to each other. The bonding would develop gradually. Every moment that you spend together is precious. There has to be a lot of touching, fondling and skin to skin time between the two.
  1. Cleanliness: You need not be finicky, but you must make cleanliness a priority. The baby must always be in a clean environment. It must be given a sponge or a bath regularly. Anyone coming close to the baby must maintain hygiene in every way. In case the baby is fed by bottles or spoons, those must be sterilised.
  1. Own schedule: every infant has his or her own schedule. They have different sleep time, different sleep hours, get hungry differently. Observe and understand your baby’s own little self imposed routine and do not compare with others.
  1. Professional advice: You could be bombarded with advice all the time. When it comes to your and your child’s health, please seek advice from the doctor and abide by it. Use medication only after consulting the doctors.
  1. Handle with care: Your baby is delicate. Be careful in handling them. Rough handling, shaking the baby, and carelessness are forbidden. Provide support to their necks until they are strong enough. Do not hurry. Allow your baby to grow at its own pace.
  1. Vital practices: Some practices must be done without any exceptions like making the baby burp after feeding, ensuring water does not trickle into the ears while bathing, keeping them hydrated and ensuring that they pass urine at least 4 times a day and a few more, as per instructions from the paediatrician. Be disciplined with feeding and follow doctor’s instructions regarding baby’s intake.
  1. Prioritise– Your life has changed and all for good. The mundane work can wait. Your home might not be in order, and it is absolutely fine. As the little one grows up, there will be more time to do daily chores. Now is the time to relax, spend time with the baby, and enjoy the moments.
  1. Stay healthy– The whole nine months of pregnancy, the delivery, and the erratic schedules might exhaust you. Hence you must take rest. Your health is a priority as well, as the newborn is completely dependent on you. Eat healthy, keep calm, and relax. Try and develop the habit of taking small naps while your baby sleeps, and tune to its schedule. Ask for help from dependable people if you have to. Involve the father in baby nurturing. That would make the baby realise the bond and relieve you as well.
  1. Baby toys– get your baby some colourful toys for its playtime. It helps in developing the   sense organs. Keep the small one happy. Avoid toys with tiny or detachable parts. Let them play under your supervision. Keep your baby away from the harmful rays of the electronic gadgets as much as possible.
  1. Communicate-Talk to your baby softly with a lot of expressions. Let them be introduced to the world of communication. Make gestures. Caress them softly, plant light pecks on their hands and legs. Make them feel your love.

This is the most beautiful phase of your life. Be happy, your happiness would pass on to your baby and the entire family. Trust your instincts. At any time, if you think the child is not comfortable, do not hesitate to talk to the paediatrician. Crying is normal, though incessant cry could be a sign of discomfort. Be cautious with your baby all the time. However, do not panic. Some days might not be all good and that is normal.

There is always a first time. The above tips for first time mothers might be helpful to start with. In some time, you might become an expert and a pro in baby-handling.

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