keep kids engaged at home during Covid-19:

It’s been over five months when kids are cooped up in their homes because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Staying at home has become the new normal as we all are trying to flatten the Covid curve. In this scenario, it has become a challenge for parents to keep kids engaged at home.

Schools are not going to open anytime soon. The thing that children are missing the most is to go out and play. They can’t even meet their friends. They can only say hi and hello to their neighbours from their own houses.

Boredom has stuck the kids badly and they often feel isolated. In this difficult time, we all should try to make staying at home enjoyable and productive.

Here are 12 ways to keep kids engaged at home during Covid-19:

  1. Follow a daily routine: A daily routine can help parents and children to stay on track and feel as normal as possible. Creating a routine can make children feel easy, safe and relaxed. Set up a timetable when kids should wake up, eat, study, play and go to sleep. This will reduce anxiety and help to maintain a discipline among children.
  1. Help kids to interact online: Help kids to interact with peers, relatives and grandparents over video calling. This will help kids to get socialised. Arrange a group study or some other activities. This will reduce the feeling of isolation within them.


  1. Play indoor games: Play indoor games with kids as it has many benefits. Playing chess, carom, jigsaw puzzles, quiz, card games etc will increase the thinking power and improve the mental strength of kids.


  1. Gardening: Encourage kids to help in gardening. One can form a garden at the balcony or terrace. Children can help water plants, count flowers and explore the leaf design as well as the texture. It will keep them engrossed and will bring them close to Mother Earth.
  1. Indoor exercise: Parents can make their kids exercise at home as it will help them stay fit. They can devise simple exercises that they can do together with the kids such as skipping rope and spot jumping. They can also teach yoga to their children. These activities will not only keep children active at home but also make them healthy and help to build their immunity.


  1. Encourage kids to start a hobby: Encourage your kids to explore and start a hobby that will keep them busy. Hobbies can be anything such as painting, dancing, cooking, reading, playing indoor games etc. This will help the kids to develop a passion of doing something unique during the lockdown.
  1. Family time: Spending a good quality time with your kids helps to develop affection, love, care, respect in your kids towards others. Telling stories, doing some fun and creative activities or allowing them to express themselves to their parents is a good way to engage them during Covid-19. This will strengthen the bond between the parents and children.
  1. Helping parents: Develop a habit in your kids to help their parents while being at home. Engage them in household activities such as arranging books and toys, keeping laundry in the laundry basket etc. This will help them to develop self-esteem.
  1. Watch movies: There are many movies for children that are not only entertaining but educative as well. Choose movies that parents and kids can enjoy together such as The Jungle Book, Finding Nemo, Frozen, Jurassic Park etc.
  1. Boost creativity: Encourage creativity in your children. Give them colours and crayons and let their imagination flow on the paper. Allow them to freely express their ideas and create art and craft according to their choice.

To keep kids engaged at home during Covid-19 is difficult but not impossible if parents do this in a right way. As long as you are locked down at home, stay positive, productive and try to cherish every moment.

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